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Welcome to the homepage of the former Division IV of the
International Astronomical Union
At the IAU XXVIII General Assembly, 30 August 2012, the members voted to change the Division structure.
Under this new structure Division IV (Stars) and Division V (Variable Stars)
have merged to become the new Division G (Stars and Stellar Physics).

Description of the Division:
The IAU Division IV organizes astronomers studying the characteristics of stars, their interior and atmospheric structure, and the evolution of stars of all masses, ages, and chemical composition...

Five commissions are part of Division IV:
    Commission 26: Double and Multiple Stars
    Commission 29: Stellar Spectra
    Commission 35: Stellar Constitution
    Commission 36: Theory of Stellar atmospheres
    Commission 45: Stellar Classification

There are 4 Division Working Groups, of which two jointly with Division V

    Working Group on Abundances in Red Giants
    Working Group on Massive Stars

    Joint Div IV/V  Working Group on Active B stars
    Joint Div IV/V  Working Group on Chemically Peculiar and Related Stars

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Updated  September 15, 2012